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Built 1938

Tonnage 1,673 / 2,940 tons

Cargo: General cargo, including tobacco, coffee, cocoa, cocoa butter and drums of vegetable oil.

Route: Salvador Bahia - Buenos Aires

Sunk 21 Jun 43 by U-513 on pos. 25º 50"S 38º 38"W.

0 Dead

27 Survivors

On 21 June 1943 the unescorted and unarmed Venezia (Master K.B. Hansson) was hit in the bow by one torpedo from U-513 about 300 miles southeast of Rio de Janeiro. The ship stopped immediately and settled quickly with a list to starboard. After the crew of 25 and two passengers abandoned ship in two lifeboats, she was struck amidships by a second torpedo and sank in flames. The survivors set sail towards the Brazilian coast, were picked up by a British merchant ship and landed at Rio de Janeiro on 24 June.



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