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Ordered 7 Dec 1940

Laid down 31 Oct 1942

Commissioned 24 Mar 1943 Kptlt. Hans-Joachim Brans

Commanders 24 Mar 194317 Mar 1944 Kptlt. Hans-Joachim Brans

2 patrols 24 Mar 194331 Oct 1943  4. Flottille (training)

1 Nov 194317 Mar 1944  4. Flottille (training)

1 Nov 194317 Mar 1944  2. Flottille (active service)

Successes No ships sunk or damaged

Fate: Sunk on 17 March 1944 in the Atlantic west of the Cape Verde Islands, in position 16.42N, 30.28W, by a Fido homing torpedo from two Avenger and a Wildcat aircraft (VC-6 USN) of the US escort carrier USS Block Island and depth charges and gunfire from the US destroyer USS Corry and the US destroyer escort USS Bronstein. 10 dead and 47 survivors.


Above the CVE Block Island. Notice Avengers and Wildcats on the deck. Photo.

Grumman Avenger in the detail above. Photo

Above 3 torpedo bomber Wildcats seen over the vast expanses of the Pacific in a routine patrol.

DE 189 Bronstein. Photo

USS Corry DD 334. Along with USS Bronstein and aircrafts from USS Block Island they sealed the fate of U-801. Photo


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