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Built: 1937

Tonnage: 6,242 / 9,200 tons

Cargo: General Cargo

Route: Liverpool – Durban - Calcutta

Sunk 1st December 1940 by German cruiser Admiral Scheer on pos. 15°00′N 35°00′W

14 Dead

8 Survivors made it to the lifeboats but never seen again.

14 POW

The British steamship Tribesman, on a voyage from Liverpool to Durban and Calcutta, was intercepted by the German battleship Admiral Scheer at 9 p.m. on December 1st, 1940, about 200 miles S.W. of the Cape Verde Islands. The crew and passengers took to the boats, two of which reached the raider and the occupants were taken aboard. The other two boats, with the majority of the ships' officers and crew, escaped in the darkness and were never seen again. After taking what stores she needed the raider sank the Tribesman by gunfire.


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