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13)HAVBOR U-65

Photo. by Morten Richardsen


Built: 1930

Tonnage: 7,614 / 12,460 tons

Cargo: 11,500 tons of crude Oil

Route: Freetown - UK

Sunk: 15 Nov 40 by U-65 on pos. 04º 24’N 13º 46’W.

60 Dead

4 Survivors

At 18.16 hours on 15 Nov, 1940, the Havbør (Master Halvor Skarrebo) was torpedoed and sunk by U-65, while picking up 31 men from rafts from the Kohinur, which had been torpedoed three hours earlier by the same U-boat. The men on the raft warned the Havbør that the U-boat was nearby, but boats were lowered anyway. The master, 27 crew members and all the rescued men died in the flames, caused by the explosion of the torpedo. Three Norwegian and two Danish crewmembers of the tanker jumped overboard and swam towards the abandoned raft from the other ship, tore a plank loose and paddled for life away from the burning oil.

Later the survivors encountered a lifeboat from Kohinur and asked to be taken on board, but after having inquired how much water they had on the raft, the lifeboat sailed away from the raft, because it was already filled to capacity. The raft kept drifting and on 16 November, one of the Danish men died, he had been badly burnt. On 24 November, the remaining survivors were picked up by the British steam merchant Baron Ardrossan and taken to Freetown.




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