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Built 1933

Tonnage 2,687 / 3,360 tons

Cargo: 3,000 tons consisting of cocoa beans, castor seeds, babassu kernels, ticum kernels, piassava, balls of fiber, beryl ore in sacks, chrome ore in bulk and some plant oils in barrels, 131 of which were on deck.

Route. Pernambuco - Fortaleza - Tutoia - Port of Spain - New York

Sunk 07/Aug/42 by U-107 on pos. 08º38”N 53º45”W

1 Dead

33 Survivors

At 01.33 hours on 7 Aug, 1942, the Breñas (Master Oscar Kløcker) was torpedoed and then shelled by U-108 and sank later in 10°20N/56°10W. A Brazilian mess boy was lost. 32 survivors abandoned ship in one lifeboat and two rafts and were rescued and put ashore in Trinidad on the 12 August. The master was taken prisoner by the U-boat, landed at Lorient on 10 September and was brought to a POW camp. After nine months he was sent home to Norway with the German steam merchant Lappland in July 1943.




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