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Built 1936

Tonnage 4,977 / 9,015 tons

Cargo: 8,000 tons of copper, tin and palmoil

Route: Lobito Angola - Trinidad - New York 

Sunk by U 174 on position 03º20"N 30º30"W

14 Dead

28 Survivors

At 23.17 hours on 2 Dec, 1942, the Besholt (Master Leif Langefoss) was torpedoed by U-174 and sank very quickly. 14 died, among them the master and an American female passenger. The survivors had abandoned ship in two lifeboats, one reached land near Camocim, Ceara Brazil on 11 December, while the other reached Canario Bar near Parnaiba on 14 December, after having sailed 800 miles.


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