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Built 1926

Tonnage: 6,030 / 9,444 tons

Cargo: Ballast

Route: Freetown - Trinidad

Sunk 07/Aug/42 by U-109 on pos. 08º28”N 34º21”W

0 Dead

36 Survivors

At 21.47 hours on 7 Aug, 1942, the Arthur W. Sewall (Master Wilhelm K. Pallesen), dispersed from an unknown convoy the day before, was hit by two torpedoes from U-109 below the bridge and in #7 tank. The tanker developed a list to port and was missed by a coup de grâce at 21.57 hours. 19 crew members abandoned ship in the three intact lifeboats, followed by the remaining 17 survivors on a raft after they saw the third torpedo miss the stern by only a few yards.

At 22.48 hours, the ship was hit amidships by a coup de grâce but still remained afloat so the U-boat surfaced and began to shell her for 30 minutes until 23.30 hours. 55 of 67 rounds from the deck gun were hits, while the 37mm and 20mm AA guns and MG34 fired at the bridge, stern and bow to prevent defensive fire. Arthur W. Sewall sank by the stern at 24.00 hours

The survivors were not questioned by the Germans because they had rowed away in the darkness. Three days later all men were picked up by the Greek steam merchant Athina Livanos and landed in Port of Spain on 19 August.



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