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Built: 1920

Tonnage: 5,757 / 8315 tons

Cargo: Scrap Iron, jute and tea.

Route: Chittagong - Madras - Capetown - UK

Sunk 17 NOV 1941 on approx pos. 33º 00"S 28º 00"E by Vichy submarine Le Héros

Above Redoutable Class sister ship Ajax

Thode Fagelund was on a voyage from Chittagong and Madras to Table Bay and the U.K. with a cargo of scrap iron, jute and tea when she was torpedoed in the starboard side and sunk on Nov. 17-1941 by the Vichy French submarine Le Héros (Lemaire), 60 n. miles east (another source says 35 miles southeast) of East London (South Africa). She had departed Chittagong for Madras on Oct. 24, then left Madras on Oct. 28.

All 35 survived, 4 lifeboats were launched, and by the time they had left the ship the entire after part was under water. One of the boats with 8 men reached Kidds Beach near East London that same evening, while those in the 2nd mate's boat were found by a vessel that had been sent out from East London. The men in the other 2 boats were picked up by D/S Nahoon and subsequently landed in Port Elizabeth.



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