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Built: 1929

Tonnage: 8,038 / 12,000 tons

Cargo 11,000 tons of crude oil

Route: Capetown - Freetown

Captured by Cruiser Adm. Scheer 18/Jan/41 in the south Atlantic in pos. 11º 00”S 02º 00”W

0 Dead

37 Survivors

Unfortunately (for Adm. Scheer captain Krancke), Sandefjord's cargo was not suitable fuel for the Admiral, but would, on the other hand, be of great value in Germany, so a prize crew was placed on board under the command of Leutenant Goetsch and she was sent further south to await orders. On Jan. 24, she met up with the auxiliary cruiser Thor and several ships that had also been taken as prize. More than 200 prisoners were transferred from these ships to Sandefjord, which then headed north, reaching the Gironde inlet on Febr. 27. 31 Norwegians from Sandefjord were later sent home to Norway, some on the German Donau in May-1941, together with the whalers taken by the raider Pinguin


Sandefjord, with a prize crew aboard, was taken to the estuary of Gironde arriving on Febr. 27. Named Monsun she was scuttled at the French port of Nantes on March 1945. Later raised and repaired, sold to France as Brière, later named Cedar Trader as in the photo above. 


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