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Photo. by Library of Contemporary History Stuttgart

Built: 1921

Tonnage: 5,455 / 8,590 tons

Cargo: Coal and Vehicles

Route: Newcastle - South Africa - Alexandria

Sunk 27 Dec 1940 by U-65 on pos. 12° 30'N, 21° 30'W 

0 Dead

29 Survivors

Delivered in April 1921 as Hiskø to Henrik Østervold, Bergen and 1921 renamed Hufterø. In June 1923 taken over by Bergens Privatbank and renamed Tananger in 1924. 1929 renamed Labelle County and Risanger in 1934. In December 1939 bought by A/S Westfal-Larsen & Co, Bergen.

At 11.31 hours on 27 Dec 1940 the unescorted Risanger (Master Sverre Kure Olsen) was hit amidships by a stern torpedo from U-65 off Freetown. The U-boat surfaced and fired 70 rounds from the deck gun to finish off the vessel that sank with still turning screw. All on board abandoned ship in the lifeboats and were picked up after a few days by the Norwegian motor tanker Belinda (Master Lorentz Christensen) and landed in Capetown on 10 Jan 1941.



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