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Built: 1919

Tonnage: 2,267 / 3975 tons

Cargo: Coal

Route: Sunderland - Oban - Freetown 

Sunk 25 Apr 1941 by U-103 on pos. 12° 45'N 28° 21'W

25 Dead

0 Survivors

Completed in August 1919 as Canadian Signaller for Marmne Merchant Ltd, Montreal. 1925 renamed Emperor of Halifax for Richards Marine. In August 1929 sold to Norway and renamed Skjoldheim for Nils Røgenæs, Haugesund. In November 1929 sold to E. Gerrard & H.I. Ramsland, Kristiansand. In February 1940 renamed Polyana for Bucha Godager & Co, Oslo. On 25 Jan 1941, the Polyana was damaged during an air attack in Great Yarmouth.

At 00.38 hours on 25 April 1941 the Polyana (Master Karl Jacobsen) was hit near the bridge by one torpedo from U-103, capsized fast and sank within one minute. The ship was last seen when detached from the convoy OG-58 in 44°41N/22°43W and was reported missing when she did not arrive in Freetown on 30 April. The U-boat had missed the freighter with a first torpedo at 23.57 hours on 24 April. All crew members 19 Norwegians, two British, one Danish, one Tunisian, one Spanish and one Maltese were lost.



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