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Built: 1901

Tonnage: 12,084 / 13,200 tons

Cargo: 10,700 tons of whale oil

Captured January 15, 1941 by raider Pinguin on pos. 58º 21”S 02º 56”E

203 Crewmembers taken as prize crew and ship was sent to Bordeaux France. Later most part were released and returned to Norway. An uncertain number remained in prison Camp  in France.

PELAGOS was built at Harland & Wolff in 1901as the ATHENIC for Shaw Savill & Albion's service from London to Wellington, NZ. Bought in 1928 by the Norwegian Hvalfangerslsk Pelagos A/S, who converted the vessel to a whale factory ship. She was captured by the raider PENGUIN in 1941, subsequently sunk at Kirkenes in 1944, raised and rebuilt, PELAGOS continued whaling until scrapped in 1961.



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