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Maloja seen as former Danwood. Photo City of Vancouver Archives


Built: 1930

Tonnage: 6,400 / 9,400 tons

Cargo: 1,020 tons of coal and 87 aircraft

Route: Liverpool - Takoradi 

Sunk 8 Nov 1942 by U-128 on pos. 11° 58'N, 27° 08'W

2 Dead

39 Survivors.

Completed in August 1930 as Danwood for A/S Danwood (D. Smith), Oslo. 1936 renamed Maloja for Tschudi & Eitzen, Oslo.

At 18.45 hours on 8 Nov 1942 the unescorted Maloja (Master Fritz Blomseth), dispersed from convoy ON-138 on 29 October, was hit by one torpedo from U-128 about 230 miles southwest of Cape Verde Islands. Two crew members were killed and several others injured. After 30 crew members and nine British gunners abandoned ship in lifeboats, the ship was hit by a coup de grâce at 19.07 hours and lost her stern, but was still afloat.

The U-boat surfaced and fired 80 shells from the deck gun, 50 rounds of 37mm and 65 rounds of 20mm gunfire. The ship caught fire and sank after four hours. The survivors were picked up the next day by the British steam merchant Egyptian Prince and taken to Freetown.



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