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Built 1920

Tonnage 7,078 / 10,925 tons

Cargo: 10,040 tons of fuel oil.

Route: Trinidad - Point Noire Belgian Congo

Sunk 9/8/42 by U 130 on pos. 07º 13’N 26º 30’W

18 Dead


14 Survivors

At 22.37 hours on 9 Aug, 1942, the unescorted Malmanger (Master Jan M. Jacobsen) was hit fore and aft by two G7a torpedoes from U-130 and sank by the stern after 5 minutes about 750 miles west of Sierra Leone. Two crew members were lost. The master and the first engineer (Peder Johan Olsen) were taken prisoner by the U-boat and landed on 12 September in Lorient and were later transferred to the POW camp Marlag und Milag Nord.

The survivors in two lifeboats set sail for Africa. One boat with 14 men was never seen again, while the other with 16 men reached French West Africa, where they were interned. The gunner managed to escape to Freetown and in January 1943 he boarded the Ocean Courage for England, but he died when the ship was sunk on 15 January by U-182 (Clausen).



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