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Photo. / Library of Contemporary History Stuttgart


Built: 1931

Tonnage: 2,412 / 3,450 tons

Cargo:  2,800 tons of bauxite

Route: Paramaribo - Port of Spain, Trinidad 

Sunk 23 Sep 1942 by U- 515 on pos. 09°20′N 60°10′W

15 Dead

8 Survivors

At 06.15 hours on 23 Sep 1942 the unescorted Lindvangen (Master John Einar Jensen) was torpedoed on the starboard side between hatch #3 and the engine room by U-515 and sank by the stern after a boiler explosion in 30 fathoms of water. She sank so fast that no lifeboats could be launched, but the master and an able seaman had managed to get on a raft and were questioned by the Germans. They were picked up two hours later by the British examination vessel HMS Helene, which later also rescued another man in a gig, three men afloat in a big crate and two others clinging to various debris. On 29 September, all survivors were landed in Georgetown, British Guiana.



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