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Photo. (C)

Built 1934

Tonnage: 8,817 / 14,050 tons

Cargo: Ballast

Shelled and sunk by Italian submarine Tazzoli 09/05/41 on position 02º 59'N 20º 26'W

0 Dead

34 Survivors.

On 9 May 1941 SS Alfred Olsen was sunk by torpedo and gunfire. After sinking 3 lifeboats were lowered. At Mid day of 13th the capatain saw smoke in the horizon and decided to steer in that direction. Later it was confirmed to be an allied vessel that spottted the lifeboat and the boat with the Master and 2 crewmembers was rescued by the Merchant SS Lackenby on position 04º56"N 19º15"W after adrift for 135 miles and taken to Freetown. The second boat with 15 survivors made ashore somewhere at Sierra Leone, and the 3rd boat with 16 occupants was rescued by one Belgian ship which landed them at Curaçao.

Alfred Olsen seen in this nice view at Denmark. Picture kindly sent by Filip Bjorklund.


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