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H Larsson - Feddes samling


Built 1923

Tonnage 4,003 / 7,336 tons

Cargo: 1,000 tons of chrome ore.

Route: Table Bay - Trinidad - Baltimore

Sunk 27 Jul 42 by U-752 on pos. 04º 00’N 18º 00’W.

18 Dead

13 Survivors

On 18 Sep, 1941, the Leikanger was passing Flamborough Head, when her convoy was attacked by a German Ju88 bomber. The aircraft was shot down by the escorting HMS Westminster (L 40) before it could do any damage. The convoy was attacked again that same night and the Leikanger was hit by a dud bomb, which was carefully thrown overboard.

At 14.14 hours on 27 Jul, 1942, the Leikanger (Master Eugen de Lange Hansen) in convoy FN-20 was hit by two torpedoes from U-752, broke in two and sank immediately. The master, 16 crew members and one British gunner were lost. Twelve crew members and one British gunner managed to get on two rafts which floated nearby. They found a crate containing signal flags and used them as protection against the sun during the day and for warmth during the night. The survivors were picked up on 31 July by the Harry Luckenbach and landed in Capetown on 12 August.



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