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Built: 1929

Tonnage: 17,800 / 24,120 tons

Cargo: 17,662 tons of whale oil.

Route: Capetown - Port of Spain

Captured 26/09/40 by Raider Thor on pos 00º 26’S 32º 01’W . Sunk by explosive charges

0 Dead

79 crewmembers were made POW.

On Nov. 9 her crew was transferred to the German Belgrano (ex Rio Grande), which already had 368 allied prisoners on board, and sent to Bordeaux, arriving Dec. 13. On Jan. 10-1941 they were sent to the camp Drancy outside Paris where they stayed until Apr. 10, and after a further stay in a camp, this time Bremervörde between Bremen and Hamburg, they arrived Oslo with the German  D/S Doanu on May 3-1941.




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