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Built 1923

Tonnage 5,041 / 7,750 tons

Cargo: 2,800 tons of ore

Route: Capetown - Trinidad

Sunk 26 Nov 42 by UD-3 on pos 02º 10’N 28º 52’W

0 Dead

39 Survivors

Completed in May 1923 for Den Norske Russlandslinje A/S, Kristiania. In April 1929 sold to Knut Knutsen O.A.S., Haugesund.

On 6 Jun, 1942, the Indra accidentally shot down a British Swordfish aircraft (FAA Sqdn 814, pilot SubLt J. Moore, RNVR) northeast of Celyon. The aircraft had been circling the ship and was downed by AA fire as it began to dive towards the ship, all three crew members were lost.

At 17.35 hours on 26 Nov, 1942, the unescorted Indra (Master Thomas Nøkling) was hit by one torpedo from UD-3 in the port side bow. At 18.48 hours, a coup de grâce was fired, which struck amidships, causing the ship to sink by the bow within 30 seconds. The survivors were then questioned by the U-boat and later they set sail for the Brazilian coast.

On 30 November, the survivors were picked up from their two lifeboats by the British motor merchant Eurybates in 00°34'S 32°44'W (after sailing about 320 miles) and taken to Trinidad.




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