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Built: 1927

Tonnage: 4,310 / 7,735 tons

Cargo:  1,585 tons salt, 103 tons iron constructions, 8 gliders and 26 loaded trucks

Route:   Gourock Scotland - Freetown

Sunk  07 May 1941 By Italian submarine Enrico Tazzoli on position 10º 02”N 20º 17”W

0 Dead

35 Survivors

Enrico Tazzoli sank the Norwegean Fernlane on 07 May 1941 some 40 miles off Bissagos Islands Portuguese Guinea. In four lifeboats they reached the coast in the Island of Caravela on 11 May and were provided food and cloth by the locals. On 13th they boarded a motorboat and sailed to Bissau where they arrived at same day. There the British consul provided all necessary assistance until they could depart to Freetown.  

Above, Bissagos Is and the Caravelas one where the survivors landed.


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