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Photo Oswald Bergstad


Built: 1926

Tonnage: 4,116 / 7,705 tons

Cargo: 6,924 tons of general cargo, including 10 tons of ammunition.

Route: Liverpool - Montevideo - Buenos Aires

Sunk 7 Aug 43 by U-757 on pos. 06º 58’N 19º 15’W.

4 Dead

40 Survivors

On 7 Aug, 1943, the Fernhill (Master K.J. Neuberth Wie) was hit by one torpedo from U-757 about 300 miles west of Sierra Leone, while she was proceeding alone after her convoy OS-52 had been dispersed off Bathurst, Gambia. The ship sank within five minutes, killing the three men on watch below and one British gunner. The survivors abandoned ship in lifeboats and rafts and were picked up two days later by an American merchant and taken to Freetown. The third engineer Nils Bremer Johannesen was taken prisoner by the U-boat, this was not noticed by the other survivors.



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