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Sister ship Everene

Built 1911

Tonnage 3,702 / 6,370 tons

Cargo: N/A

Torpedoed and damaged 08/Jul/43 by U-510 in pos. 05º 50"N 50º 20"W

0 Dead

42 Survivors

At 05.20 hours on 8 Jul, 1943, U-510 fired three torpedoes in a one minute interval at the convoy TJ-1 about 150 miles northeast of Cayenne, French Guiana and reported hits on a tanker of 10000 GRT, another of 6000 GRT and a third of 5000 GRT. At 07.19 hours, U-510 attacked again in grid EP 4925, fired five torpedoes and reported that two ships of 10000 GRT and 6000 GRT had been hit.

At 13.07 hours, U-510 attacked the convoy a last time and reported a ship of 6000 grt was sunk. The Allied side reports that three ships were hit in the first attack, B.P. Newton, Eldena and Everagra of which the last was only damaged. It seems that U-510 attacked the same targets several times.



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