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Built: 1916

Tonnage: 2,288 / 3,689 tons

Cargo: Iron ore

Sunk 28/03/43 by Italian submarine Finzi on pos. 02º 00’N 15º 30’W

30 Dead


In March 28th 1943, on her way from Rio De Janeiro to Freetown, SS Granicos was hit by a torpedo, launched from the Italian U-Boat ‘’FINZI’’, and sunk 300 miles south of Monrovia, in the South Atlantic. From the 34 crewmembers on board, 32 (21 of Greek nationality and 11 of foreign nationality) lost their lives, one captured by the U-Boat and one more, of Portuguese nationality, was found on a raft and rescued by the allied tanker ‘’LEIGHTON’’, in April 4th (at 01º.00"N, 17º.00"W).


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