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Photo. Library of Contemporary History, Stuttgart


Built 1919

Tonnage 5,285 / 8,350 tons

Cargo: 7,150 tons of wheat

Sunk 11/04/41 by U 124 on pos. 06º 55’N 15º 38’W.

4 Dead

27 Survivors

At 20.59 hours on 11 April 1941 the unescorted Aegeon was hit in the engine room by one torpedo from U-124 about 170 miles west-southwest of Freetown. The ship sank by the stern at 21.35 hours, shortly after the U-boat surfaced and left without questioning the survivors because the Alcinous had been sighted. The crew had managed to send a distress signal before they abandoned ship and HMS Wishart (D 67) (Cdr E.T. Cooper, RN) was redirected to their position, but the destroyer found no trace of wreckage or lifeboats during a short search of the area the next morning and had to return to Freetown as she was low on fuel. The survivors were picked up by the British motor merchant Sheaf Holme and landed at Freetown on 14 April.



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