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Built: 1912

Tonnage: 4,981 / 8,277 tons

Cargo: 4,894 tons of coal and 1,050 tons of military goods, including 11 Spitfire fighters.

Newport - Milford Haven - Table Bay - Alexandria 

Sunk 13/Jun/41 by U-107 on pos. 07º 49"N 23º 28"W.

11 Dead

23 Survivors.

Completed in March 1912 as British Angola for SS Angola Co Ltd (Maclay & McIntyre), Glasgow. 1917 renamed Baygola for Bay SS Co, London. 1921 sold to the French Government and renamed Port D’Alger. 1922 renamed Louis L.D. for Louis Dreyfus & Cie, Dunkirk. 1931 sold to Greece and renamed Pandias for J. Margaronis & others, Syra. 1937

At 11.57 hours on 13 Jun, 1941, the unescorted Pandias was hit amidships by one torpedo from U-107 and sank by the stern. The U-boat surfaced and provided the survivors in the lifeboats with cigarettes, water and rum.



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