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Photo (C)

Built: 1939

Tonnage: 5,486 / 10,010 tons

Cargo: Timber

Sunk 12/04/41 by Raider Kormoran on pos. 01º 54’S 22º 12’W

0 Dead

38 POW

Carrying a cargo of Oregon Pine (above and below decks) from Vancouver to Durban by way of the Panama Canal, she was sent the usual Kormoran signal "Heave to! – No Wireless!" but she did not stop. A few salvoes brought her to a halt. Although a fine ship with a quality cargo, there was no point in keeping her as a prize as too much damage had been done to her bridge and steering gear.

Explosive charges failed to sink her; gunfire also failed (even four 15 cm hits on the waterline); she was being kept afloat by her cargo of timber. As ammunition and torpedoes were considered too precious to waste, the ship was left to sink in her own time.


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