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Built 1913

Tonnage: 4,669 / 8,044 tons

Cargo: 7,024 tons of iron.

Sunk 15/05/43 by U 105 on pos. 05º 28’N 14º 28’W.

27 Dead


11 Survivors

Completed in April 1913 as British Queensland Transport for Empire Transport Co Ltd (Houlder Bros & Co), Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1934 sold to Greece and renamed Maroussio Logothetis for Goulandris Bros, Piræus. On 9 Jul 1940, seized at Diego Suarez by Vichy French government and renamed General Duchesne. In April 1942 bought by Cie des Messageries Maritimes, Marseilles. On 2 May 1942, the ship left Tamatave with supplies for Djibouti and to load cattle there, under escort by Le Héros. On 5 May, the submarine left to operate against the Allied landings on Madagascar, while the ship was diverted to Mayotte, Comoros Islands, where she was seized by Britain on 22 Jun 1942. Returned by the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT) to the Greek owner under her original name. 

At 20.43 hours on 15 May 1943 the unescorted Maroussio Logothetis was hit on port side amidships by two torpedoes fromU-105, broke up and sank within two minutes about 250 miles southwest of Freetown. The ship had been missed by a first torpedo, which detonated prematurely. The 36 crew members and three gunners (the ship was armed with one 12pdr, two 20mm and two machine guns) had no time to launch the lifeboats and the survivors rescued themselves on two rafts that floated free. The master, 25 crew members and one gunner were lost. The second officer was taken prisoner by the U-boat, transferred four days later to U-460 (Schnoor) and landed at Bordeaux on 25 June. At 16.00 hours on 18 May, nine crew members and two gunners were rescued by a British Catalina flying boat (270 Sqn RAF/A) and taken to her base in Jui, Sierra Leone.


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