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Photo. City of Vancouver Archives CVA 447 - 1938

Built 1935   

Tonnage 5,173 / 9,153 tons  

Scuttled  21/11/42 400 miles east off St. Paul Rocks  on position 00°54'N - 22°34'W to avoid capture by US Navy cruiser Milwaukee.   

0 Dead   

62 Survivors   

11 made POW

German Anneliese Essberger as a blockade runner had the function to provide fuel to the U-boats in vast Mid-Atlantic areas as well as other supplies for their necessities like food fresh water and ammunition. On Nov 42 she raised anchors at the French port of Bordeaux for a long uncertain trip to Kobe Japan. Her fortunes were in low when a few days later she was spotted in the South Atlantic off Brazilian coast by USS CL 5 Milwaukee Fourth Fleet Recife.


Derby Brazilian Army Headquarters at Recife, where the Germans were interrogated.


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