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Built: 1921   
Tonnage: 3,771 / 6,550 dwt   
Cargo: 50 000 bags of coffee, 30 000 bales of linseed, nickel, 4 tons of tobacco, crystal quartz, 20 000 cans of vegetable oil, hides, cereals, cotton, mineral oil and iron ore.   
Sunk: Scuttled 12/Feb/40 by own crew to avoid capture by HMS cruiser Hawkins and HMS Dorsetshire on position 22º 35’S 41º 39’W.   
0 Dead 

46 Survivors taken as POW

Wakama seen docked at Rio de Janeiro harbor prior her attempt to escape British Navy

HMS Hawkins. Photo Wikipedia 

HMS Dorsetshire seen at Sidney harbor. Photo Wikipedia


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