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Photo Courtesy. Library of Contemporary History Stuttgart 

Built: 1922   

Tonnage: 3,667 / 6,650 dwt   

Cargo: 72,000 hides, 500 tons of rubber  

Sunk: Scuttled South Atlantic NE of Amazon estuary on pos. 12º 14"N 43º 24"W, 15 Aug 41 to avoid capture by Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Despatch and AMC Pretoria Castle. 

0 Dead   

54 crewmembers made POW.

Above, a radio message from Royal Navy gives detailed information on the exact position where SS Norderney was scuttled. 

Above RFA Bishopdale. Photo. © IWM (FL 2129)

AMC HMS Pretoria Castle after being converted to an Escort Carrier in January 1942 Photo.


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