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Photo. City of Vancouver Archives CVA 447 - 1938

Built 1935   

Tonnage 5,173 / 9,153 tons  

Scuttled  21/11/42 400 miles east off St. Paul Rocks  on position 00°54'N - 22°34'W to avoid capture by US Navy cruiser Milwaukee.   

0 Dead   

62 Survivors   

11 made POW

German Anneliese Essberger as a blockade runner had the function to provide fuel to the U-boats in vast Mid-Atlantic areas as well as other supplies for their necessities like food fresh water and ammunition. On Nov 42 she raised anchors at the French port of Bordeaux for a long uncertain trip to Kobe Japan. Her fortunes were in low when a few days later she was spotted in the South Atlantic off Brazilian coast by USS CL 5 Milwaukee Fourth Fleet Recife.

Despite all ruses tried by the German master to elude and evade the US ships, the same went to the bottom leaving 62 captured crewmembers. US vessels dashed to Recife and the prisoners were handed over to Brazilian authorities of the 7th Military region. After being interrogated at the Brazilian Army Derby headquarters the same remained there until July 43 when they were transferred to Rio de Janeiro by ship. Above CL 5 Milwaukee photo.,_circa_in_August_1943_(19-N-51513).jpg

Derby Brazilian Army Headquarters at Recife, where the Germans were interrogated.


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