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Built: 1919   

Tonnage: 5,083 / 7,037 tons    

Cargo: 5,500 tons of general cargo

Captured 22 Jul 41 by HMS Dunedin approx. pos 03º 00"S 28º 00"W 

Sunk 28 Dec 42 by U-662 on pos. 43° 25'N 27° 15'W 

0 Dead   

62 Survivors  

Launched as Ville de Nantes completed in October 1919 as Ville de Rouen for Nouvelle Compagnie Havraise Péninsulaire de Navigation, Le Havre. On 22 Jul 1941, the Vichy French ship was captured by HMS Dunedin (Capt R.S. Lovatt, RN) east of Natal. The ship was later transferred to the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT).  

Captured 22 Jul 41 by Cruiser HMS Dunedin east off Natal Brazil. Transferred to the M.o.W.T. She was sunk by U-662 on 29 Dec 42 when enroute to Ascension and the Mozambique port of Beira with 5,500 tons of General cargo.

At 22.02 hours on 28 Dec 1942, U-225 (Leimkühler) fired torpedoes at convoy ONS-154 north of the Azores and reported two ships sunk and two others probably sunk. In fact, the Melmore Head in station #113 was hit by two torpedoes and blew up and the stern torpedo hit the Ville de Rouen in station #102, which was later finished off by U-662.

The Ville de Rouen (Master Herbert Colin Skinns) sank after being hit by a spread of two torpedoes. The master, 61 crew members and nine gunners were picked up byHMCS Shediac (K-110) (T/Lt J.E. Clayton, RCNR) and landed at Ponta Delgada, Azores.




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