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Built 1920    

Tonnage 2,778 / 4,790 tons    

Sunk 14 Jun 44 by U-547 on pos. 05º 30”N 09º 14”W.    

Cargo: General cargo, including wood.   

6 Dead  

58 Survivors   

When sailing in convoy consisting of Saint Basile and two A/S trawlers HMS Birdlip (T 218), HMS Turcoman  off Greenville, Liberia they were attacked by U-547 which sank HMS Birdlip (T 218)  at 01.36 hours with a Gnat and at 02.56 hours the merchant Saint Basile.    

The Saint Basile was hit by one torpedo, broke in two and sank with the loss of six lives. The ship carried 38 crew members, five gunners and 21 Senegalese soldiers. HMS Inkpen  rescued 15 survivors from HMS Birdlip and 43 from Saint Basile being 22 French and 21 DEMS Senegalese ratings.  



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