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Built: 1938

Tonnage: 6,199 / 8,820 tons

Cargo:  2.500 tons of maize, 1.150 tons of chromium and 2.600 tons of wattle bark

Route: Durban - Liverpool

Sunk by raider Atlantis on 3/5/40  on pos.  20º 00” S 04º 30” E

1 Dead

77 Survivors made POW

On 3 May, Atlantis met a British cargo ship, Scientist.. The Germans raised their battle ensign and displayed signal pennants stating, "Stop or I fire! Don't use your radio!" The 75 mm (3.0 in) gun fired a warning shot. The British immediately began transmitting their alarm signal, "QQQQ...QQQQ...Unidentified merchantman has ordered me to stop", and the Germans began transmitting so as to jam the signals.

Scientist turned to flee, but on the second salvo from Atlantis flames exploded from the ship, followed by a cloud of dust and then white steam from the boilers. A British sailor was killed and the remaining 77 were taken as prisoners of war. After failing to sink the ship with demolition charges, Atlantis used guns and a torpedo to finish off Scientist.


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