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Built: 1936

Tonnage: 4,313 / 7,910 tons

Cargo: 7,600 tons of grain and general cargo, including canned meat, cotton, rice and wet hides

Route:  Montevideo - Rio Grande do Sul - Santos - Bahia - Freetown - Hull 

Sunk 12 April 1941 y U-124 on pos. 07° 50'N 14° 00'W

0 Dead

41 Survivors

At 05.09 hours on 12 April 1941 the unescorted St. Helena (Master Percy John Reavley) was hit under the bridge by one torpedo from U-124 and sank capsizing to port about 100 miles southwest of Freetown. The U-boat surfaced and questioned the survivors before leaving the area. The master, 35 crew members, two gunners and three passengers were picked up by HMS Wishart (D 67) (Cdr E.T. Cooper) and landed at Freetown.



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