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Built 1925

Tonnage 4,561 / 8,420 tons

Sunk 3 Dec 42 by U-508 on pos. 07º45’N 56º30”W

Cargo: Manganese ore and 2,000 tons of copper 

Route: Iskenderun, Turkey - Capetown - Pernambuco - Trinidad - Baltimore 

75 Dead

8 Survivors

Above M.o.W.T Solon II moored at Table Bay.  Photo (C)

Completed in October 1925 as French Solon II for Cie de Navigation d’Orbigny, La Rochelle. On 17 July 1940 the ship was seized at Swansea by Britain and renamed Solon II by the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT). 

At 23.56 hours on 3 Dec, 1942, the unescorted Solon II (Master John Robinson) was torpedoed and sunk by U-508 northeast of Georgetown, British Guiana. The master, 68 crew members and six gunners were lost. The fourth engineer Alexander Macfarlane and six survivors made landfall at Weldad, 12 miles west of the River Berbice, British Guiana on 7 December. The master, 68 crew members and six gunners were lost.



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