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Built: 1930

Tonnage: 6,373 / 9,766 tons

Cargo: 2,501 tons of pig iron, 5,304 tons of kernels, 500 tons of manganese ore and 382 tons of kyanite ore (aluminun silicate)

Route: Calcutta - Capetown - Oban - London

Sunk  30 May 1941 by U-106 on pos. 16° 42'N 25° 29'W

3 Dead

51 Survivors

At 00.36 hours on 30 May 1941 the unescorted Silveryew (Master James Smith) was hit in the stern by one of two torpedoes from U-106 and sank west of the Cape Verde Islands. The master and two crew members were lost. 47 crew members, three gunners and one passenger made landfall at San Antonio, Cape Verde Islands.



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