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Built: 1920

Tonnage: 5,212 / 8,135 tons

Cargo: 1,100 tons of salt ballast and 63 bags of mail   

Route: Port Said - Mombasa - Tamatave - Durban - Capetown - Rio de Janeiro  

Sunk  7 Mar 1943 by U-506 on pos. 34° 30'S 23° 10'E

7 Dead

51 Survivors

Laid down as War Whale for The Shipping Controller, completed in April 1920 as Sabor for Royal Mail Lines Ltd, London.

At 03.09 hours on 7 March 1943 the unescorted Sabor (Master Peter Merrick Burrell) was torpedoed by U-506 southeast of Mossel Bay. The ship sank after being hit by a coup de grâce at 05.32 hours. Seven crew members were lost. The master, 41 crew members and nine gunners were picked up by the SAAF crash launch R-8 and landed at Mossel Bay.



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