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Built 1936

Tonnage 5,423 / 8,080 tons

Cargo: 4,200 tons of palm oil seed, 1,300 tons of timber, 1,000 tons of cocoa and 750 tons peanut oil in bulk 

Route: Port Harcourt - Takoradi - Trinidad - UK

Sunk 09/Dec/42 by U-508 on pos. 09º17'N 59º00'W

5 Dead

56 Survivors

At 00.05 hours on 9 Dec, 1942, the unescorted Nigerian (Master Edward Robert Owen) was torpedoed by U-508 about 130 miles southeast of Trinidad and sunk by a coup de grâce at 00.50 hours. Four crew members and one passenger were lost. Four passengers (British military officers) were taken prisoner and landed at Lorient on 6 Jan, 1943.

The master, 36 crew members, eight gunners and seven passengers were rescued. The master and 28 survivors were picked up on 11 December by USS PC-624 and landed at Moruga Bay, Trinidad. The chief officer and 15 survivors landed at Georgetown and the second officer and six survivors were picked up by the Panamanian steam merchant Maravi.



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