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Built: 1920

Tonnage: 7,341 / 11,360 tons

Cargo: 8,100 tons of general cargo

Route: Calcutta - Durban

Sunk 06/Jul/1942 by Japanese submarine I-18 off Santa Lucia Bay, Natal South Africa on pos. 28°45’S - 32°20’E

94 Dead

26 Survivors

Employment: Calcutta/Far East service In 1936 Mundra was itted with refrigerated chambers to assist their homeward loading from Australian ports - 583 cubic feet (20,600 cubic feet) refrigerated.

05.1940: Requisitioned for the Liner Division.

1941: Grounded 16km (10 miles) south of Madras but was able to be refloated with little damage.

20.05.1942: She was attacked in the Bay of Bengal by a four-engined aircraft (19°00’N-85°30’E) but reached port safely.

06.07.1942: En route from Calcutta to Durban with 8,100 tons of general cargo, she was sunk by torpedo and gunfire from the Japanese submarine I18 off Santa Lucia Bay, Natal. 94 were lost out of the 120 crew, 75 passengers and fifteen survivors from other ships on board.


Submarine I-18 seen above in a rare picture circa 1941.  Photo


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