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Built: 1922

Tonnage: 5,268 / 8,150 tons

Cargo: Government stores 

Route: Port Talbot - Alexandria - Port Said 

Sunk 15/11/40 by U-65 on pos 04º 24’’N  13º 46’W

48 Dead 

1 POW 

34 Survivors

At 15.11 hours on 15 Nov 1940 the Kohinur (Master Leslie Hugh Bonnand), dispersed on 31 October from convoy OB-235, was torpedoed and sunk by U-65 about 250 miles north of the Equator. The second officer was taken prisoner by the U-boat. The master, 45 crew members and two gunners were lost. 31 of them died in the explosion of the tanker Havbør, which was also torpedoed by U-65 three hours later, while picking up the survivors. 36 crew members were picked up on 16 November by the British merchant City of Pittsburg and landed at Freetown on 19 November.



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