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Built 1921

Tonnage 3,872 / 5,875 tons

Cargo Ballast

Route: Alexandria - Aden - Capetown - Bahia - Trinidad - Macoris, Cuba 

Sunk 09/Mar/43 by U-510 on pos. 07º24’N 52º11’ W

28 Dead

32 survivors

At 03.06, 03.07 and 03.10 hours on 9 Mar, 1943, U-510 fired torpedoes at the convoy BT-6 about 200 miles northeast of Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana and reported four ships sunk. In fact, Kelvinbank was sunk and George G. MeadeTabitha Brown and Joseph Rodman Drake were damaged.

27 crew members and one gunner from the Kelvinbank (Master Robert Charles Loraine) were lost. The master, 24 crew members and seven gunners were picked up by the George G. Meade and landed at Paramaribo. 



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