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Built 1941

Tonnage: 4,499 / 6,244 tons

Cargo: General cargo, including 3,500 tons of copper 

Route: Alexandria - Takoradi - Freetown - UK 

Sunk 09/May/43 by U-123 on pos. 05º10'N 11º10'W

66 Dead

5 Survivors

At 00.55 hours on 9 May 1943, the unescorted Kanbe (Master John Frederick Thomas Burke), a straggler from convoy TS-38, was hit in the foreship by two torpedoes from U-123 and sank within two minutes about 60 miles south of Monrovia. The sinking was observed by U-105 (Nissen), which also had chased the ship. The master, 57 crew members and three gunners were lost. Five crew members were picked up by the Spanish steam merchant Rio Francoli and landed at Santa Isabel, Fernando Po.



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