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Built 1938

Tonnage: 3,815 / 5,350 tons

Cargo: 2,600 tons of cement and 100 tons of general cargo, including mail

Route: London - Lagos - Duala - Warri 

Sunk 5/Mar/44 by U-66 on pos. 03º 56”N 07º 36”E.

0 Dead

95 Survivors

On 5 Mar, 1944, the unescorted John Holt (Master Cecil Gordon Hime) was hit by two torpedoes from U-66 and sank in five minutes about 60 miles south of the Opobo River in the Gulf of Guinea. The master and one passenger (Stanton Hanna Elliott, an agent of the John Holt Co) were taken prisoner and were later lost with the U-boat. 41 crew members, nine gunners, three passengers and 40 Krooboys were picked up by the British tanker Empire Ruby and landed at Port Harcourt. 



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