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Photo. Historical Collection of the Great Lakes


Built: 1924

Tonnage: 1,746 tons

Cargo: Ballast

Sunk 07/Apr/41 by U-124 in pos. 07º 17"N 16º 53"W.

0 Dead

20 Survivors

At 17.39 hours on 7 Apr, 1941, the unescorted Portadoc (Master John Evan Jones) was hit by one torpedo in the stern from U-124 about 150 miles southwest of Freetown. The ship settled by the stern but did not sink, so the U-boat surfaced at 17.50 hours and shelled her with 21 rounds from the deck gun and the 20mm AA gun. The master and 19 crew members had abandoned ship in two lifeboats and were provided with water after being questioned. The survivors made landfall six days later at Benty, French Guinea and were interned by the Vichy French authorities.



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