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Photo sister ship Montrolite

Built 1926

Tonnage: 11,309 / 16,000 tons

Cargo: Ballast

Route: Freetown -  Caripito Venezuela

Sunk 25/03/41 by raider Kormoran on pos. 05º 00”N 33º 00”W.

0 Dead

41 crewmembers taken as POW.

An 11,309-ton Canadian tanker built by Krupp Germania, also used her radio and tried to escape when challenged to stop. The Kormoran, having tried to jam the signals, opened fire and the tanker stopped.

Her crew of forty-four were taken on board along with yet another monkey!. As she was such a fine new ship, she was dispatched to Bordeaux under a prize crew, with most of her own crew, other captured crews and passengers on board.

Her Captain, Chief Engineer, Wireless Operator and the senior member of her gun crew had been detained on the Kormoran for security reasons, and having safely arrived in the Gironde , she was converted into the blockade-runner Sudetenland.

The Kormoran met with the Nordmark, the U-105 and the U-106 between March 28 and April 2, and with the Rudolf Albrecht on April 3, when she took on supplies of oil and provisions, including potatoes, bananas, oranges, magazines and English cigarettes … plus a live pig, a small dog!





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