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17)JACIRA U-507

Above  one similar model.

Built: N/A

Tonnage: 89

Cargo: 800 bags of cacao, coconuts, bananas and palm fiber, boxes of empty bottles and a dismantled truck

Route.  Belmonte Bahia - Salvador

Sunk 19 Ago 42 by U-507 on pos. 14º30"S 38º40"W

0 Dead

6 Survivors

Jacira (Jacyra) was a small Brazilian vessel that was sunk on the afternoon of August 19, 1942, the German submarine U-507, in the state of Bahia coast. On that day, around 13:30 (17:30 by Central European Time), about 10 miles from the mouth of the Contas River, on the coast of Bahia, the U-507 intercepted the cannon shots the small sailboat, 89 tons, a typical northeastern ship flat bottom that takes the barge denomination. The vessel had left the day before Belmonte and drove to Salvador, with a cocoa load, palm fiber, empty bottles and dismantled truck. 

With the boat stopped, an officer and two sailors leave the submarine to inspect Jacira, like port authorities. He and five men of the crew were forced to abandon the barge and go ashore in a small boat. Whereas it is an insignificant target, it was sunk with four demolition charges. However, this was not the only misfortune to the  master Norberto Hilário dos Santos. In the survey, it was cleared several irregularities of the vessel, for which he was punished by the Captaincy of Bahia ports, especially the transport of stowaway. It was the only one of six U-507 attacks, in which there were no casualties.

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