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Photo. City of Vancouver Archives CVA 447-2510


Built 1928

Tonnage 4,392 / 8,220 tons

Route Lourenço Marques – Durban – Buenos Aires

Cargo 6,920 tons of  Coal

Sunk 17 May 1943 by U-109 in pos. 28° 27'S 32° 43'E

12 Dead

27 Survivors

At 14.12 hours on 17 May 1943, U-198 fired two spreads of two torpedoes at convoy LMD-17 north of Durban, heard four detonations and sinking noises and reported one ship sunk and another probably sunk. However, only the Northmoor (Master Arthur Peters) was hit and sunk. Eleven crew members and one gunner were lost. The master, 20 crew members, four gunners and two passengers (DBS) were picked up by HMS St. Loman (FY 276) (Lt R.C. Warwick, DSC, RNR) and landed at Durban.



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