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Photo. Sister ship Honeysuckle.

Completed: 1940

Displacement: 940 tons full 1,180 tons

Length: 62,48 meters

Beam: 10,06 meters

Draught: 4,04 meters

Armament: 1 × 102mm, 1 × 40mm , 4-6 × 20mm / 12.7mm,  ASW (0-1×hedgehog, 1-2×DCL, 1-2×DCR)

Propulsion: 2 × S.E cylindrical boilers, 1 × vertical triple expansion reciprocating engines @ 2750 hp, 1 (shaft)

Speed: 16 kts

Complement: 85

Detached for South Atlantic base Freetown for convoy and escort duties from Sep 1941 to february 1942 when was detached for Indian Ocean.

8 Sep. 1941

Nominated for convoy defence based at Freetown. (Note: During this refit radar equipment for detection of surface targets and land was  fitted. Structural changed were made to foc’sle which was lengthened to provide additional accommodation and improve habitability. For further details of the development and use of radar by the RN see RADAR AT SEA by D Howse. Information about Type 271 radar is also available in SEEK AND STRIKE by W Hackmann. Minesweeping equipment was also fitted.)

November 5th  Detached from OS9 on arrival at Freetown and joined Local Flotilla for defence of convoys on passage locally to and from ports in West Africa.  

16th.  Part of escort for Local Convoy ST8 during passage from Freetown to Takoradi.

17th Took passage from Takoradi to return to Freetown.

20th Nominated for Ocean Escort of military convoy WS12Z with HM Destroyers DULVERTON, SOUTHWOLD, HM Sloop MILFORD and HM Corvette VERBENA. (Note: HM Battleship ROYAL SOVEREIGN was attached to WS12Z Ocean Escort.

25th  Retained at Freetown  (Note: This may have been due to defects.)

27th Took passage to join WS12Z.

December  Escort of WS12Z in continuation.  Detached from WS12Z to refuel at Pointe Noire, Belgian Congo and returned.

15th  Detached from WS12Z on relief by  HM Corvettes ASTER and MARGUERITE.). Took passage to Simonstown.  On arrival taken in hand for defect repair and boiler cleaning.   Retained at Cape and deployed for Local Escort with HM Corvettes VERBENA, HELIOTROPE, TULIP and ASTER. See ESCORT by DA Rayner)

1 9 4 2  January  Nominated for convoy defence in Indian Ocean. Sunk 09 Apr 1942  in attack by aircraft from Japanese aircraft carrier SORYU 30  miles SSE of Batticaloa, Ceylon in position 7.30N  81.56E with loss  of 53 of the ship’s company. ss ATHELSTONE was also sunk in the  Japanese air attacks. One source indicates that 14 of the survivors  from the ship and other from ATHELSTANE crews were able to reach the coast of Ceylon in a boat from the tanker.



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