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Photo. Sister ship Northern Spry


Completed 1939

Displacement 455 tons

Armament 1 x 4”  gun

Complement: 30

Fate: Sunk by an explosion at Lagos, Nigeria on 5 December 1942.

On 30/May/41 HMS Bengaly (FY 165) and armed trawler HMS Turcoman (FY 130) rescued the master, 35 crew members and three gunners from British Tabaristan sunk by U-38 in pos. 06º 32”N 15º 23”W. survivors were picked up and landed at Freetown. HMS Bengali FY 165, was part of a group based Freetown providing patrol and escort duties. She along with HMS Kelt FY 112 and HMS Spaniard FY 144 were lost due to a explosion at their berth at Lagos Nigeria caused by an oil spillage on 5 Dec 42. Nearly 100 people died.



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